I Scream! You Scream!
Trixie Brings The Ice Cream!

Our Events

Birthday, Fundraiser, DayCare Event, School Field Day, Church Group, Family Get Together, Etc…. No matter what your event, Ice-Cream Treats from Mom’s Cool Bus will make it the Coolest!!!

Birthday Party

Go Shorty! It’s Your Birthday!

School Event

School is super cool with ice cream!

Daycare Playday

Yippee! Hooray! It’s ice cream day!

Just Because It’s A Party

Does it matter why I want Trixie at my party? Nope!

What We Offer…
Oodles of Ice Cream & Fun!


From classics to brand new creations, Mom’s Cool Bus offers the coolest treats!


Choose Mom’s Cool Bus for your next big bash! We bring the ice cream and smiles!


Mom’s Cool Bus replaced the unsavory music box of the past with a more creative twist!

Intivation Cards

Mom’s Cool Bus provides a template you can download and print, if you’d like to customize your party invitations.

Festivals and Events

Food trucks and vendors and fun!!! We love a good festival or fundraiser! Let us know what you are planning!

Our Location

Our location is your location!
Mom’s Cool Bus is a mobile service of ice cream and snacks. No brick and mortar location is available.

Meet Our Team

Kristi & Trixie

Head Ice cream Eaters

Senor Strawberry

Chief Silliness Officer

Peppa, Rocky & Road Rockette… training

Co-listening crew

– Kristi Bennett –

Mom of This Mess – Head Decision Maker – Server of Popsicles – Believer in Fairytales and Miracles

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